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Sunday, January 15, 2012


It is a chilly 7 degrees this morning. I can't believe Christmas was three weeks ago. Time flies. Today Claire is one week old.
The top photo is the one I used for the butterfly chart.
I didn't work on Winter's Cottage at all. I just goofed around with the BAP all day. I enjoyed myself. Stitching and seeing what emerges is fun - to a point. You probably can't even tell that I did any work on this. It is so interesting though to see what a blend of one ply of red floss and one ply of green floss looks like when stitched. You are probably saying, what the heck is this anyway?
For a break from the BAP I will try to get that scissors pocket done today.
I made a list of the stitching classes I want to go to this year. I've included ones that I will be or are thinking about taking. So far the list for the first half of the year is:

Amy Mitten's Vierlande online tutorial (January )

Singing to the Moon kit ordered through the Kindred Spirits Guild (February)

Spring Fling put on by Stitchville USA, a shop in the Minneapolis area (April)

Maybe Celebrations, I am waiting to see what classes and projects will be offered (end of April)

Cabinet of Curiosities, an online class by Thistle Threads (18 month class)(May)

A Merry Cox getaway, Palais Royale and Petite Treasures (June)

I am so lucky to get to do even half of these. What a year it is going to be!

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