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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I'm so happy to announce that the smocked dress is done!!! It looks so much better all finished. I hope the baby (I have nicknamed her Natalie until I find out her real name) will have a chance to wear this dress and have her picture taken in it. I love my sewing machine. It makes putting in buttonholes a no-brainer and they look nice every time. I wish I had chosen a different material but, hey, it's pink. I am washing it now.
I worked on Winter's Cottage and the cover is done!! Yeah! The rest doesn't look too bad to do. I read through the directions and I can do it. Now to work on the inside.
I worked just a bit on the mermaid. I want to finish the front today. I took out some of the border as it was one thread too high. I am going to do my favorite stitch, the long arm cross, as the border.
Joe showed up after lunch and sanded the floor and patched the low places. Then he had to let it dry so he left. Today is supposed to be tiling. So far, no Joe. But I took a before picture and I hope later today I can take an after picture. DH asked me when I thought he might show up and I said 10 but it is passed that now.
The Stitching Tour of the Sewing Room's Unfinished drawer continues with Tricky Treats, Hearts Bloom, a snowman freebie and French Garden from Drawn Thread. French Garden shouldn't even be in the Unfinished Drawer since it is finished. I'll put it in the curio cabinet.
It would be great if Natalie were born today as DIL has a birthday on the 4th and Son#2 has a birthday on the 4th. Waiting to hear.

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  1. Your smocked dress is so sweet. Have you visited this blog -- great inspirations for baby clothes.
    I have made a lot of baby clothes, but alas still no grandbabies. Hopefully soon -- at least I have one married as of Oct!
    I am stitching GAR Townhouse Sewing Case, but I started with the inside. Since I wasn't familiar with some of the needlepoint stitches, I wanted to experiment on the inside rather than the outside. How did you decide to start on the outside of Winter Cottage?