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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Declare!

DH is off to the dentist so I get the computer first thing today. While I was mentoring Dylan, son#2 called to tell us the baby's name! She is to be Claire. They still haven't decided on a middle name yet. So I have started a small stitch of the name for a pillow. I may make a larger one for framing next. I'm trying out colors to see how they look together. So far, only the "a" is done. I was very surprized at the name, I never would have guessed it.
Joe finally showed up yesterday and the floor is entirely tiled and grouted. Wow. He said he would be back today to buff the floor and finish things off. Wouldn't it be great if he finished today and we could start getting back to normal? So I wouldn't have to look for the pan I want on the living room floor? So we could actually cook on the stove? So we could put the refrigerator back in the kitchen? A girl can dream.
You are probably wondering how I'm doing figuring out how to use PCStitch Pro. LOL Well, on Needleprint I saw some lovely butterflies as inspiration for stitching. So I took a photo of a butterfly that I had (Halona and I made Valentine cards last year with that photo) and I imported it into my program and made it into a butterfly chart. I haven't stitched it yet to see how it works up. I wonder if it is okay for me to put the chart on my blog? Maybe others would like to try it out? It wasn't my photo so that is my only hesitation. Maybe I will try and put it up tomorrow and see what happens.
The Stitching Tour of the Sewing Room's Unfinished Drawer continues with four Shepherd's Bush charts.
We are having a lovely warm day here. We are supposed to be hit by a snowstorm tomorrow night. So I'll enjoy it while I can.

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  1. Hi Amy,congratulations on a 99% complete kitchen floor! And now the baby has a lovely name. You will be wanting to go meet her?