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Sunday, January 29, 2012


We're getting a bit more snow today - up to 4 inches. But the snow I'm thinking of is on Winter's Cottage. I tried using 2 ply of white for the snow below the house and I think it looks fine. I'm not that picky. I'm not a purist. Today I will move on to the the snow on the roof. Does it look much different from the padded (stitched twice!) snow on the cover? Not in my book.
I changed the inside of the needlebook to say "Needles". I used a chart from my Blue Ribbon Sewing Box. Unfortunately I screwed it up several times and ended up stitching it about 4 times. Then I just put an "A" under what will be the needlepage. Done.
I interfaced the cover and scissors pocket side and started lacing them together. I don't like how these stitches lace together. I would rather lace back stitches or "Sam and Bertha" style or even long arm cross stitches together. But so far, so good. It is pretty stiff even without the skirtex in it.
I am a bit stronger today but hope to be "weller" before leaving for California. I have to behave myself and be very careful with what I eat this week.
I loved stitching and watching the US Ice Skating Championships on TV yesterday. I can do that today too.
My Amy Mitten kit didn't come yesterday. I know that things that come from Canada take extra time - like up to two weeks.
OOOh that itch to start something new....

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  1. Amy, The 'Needles' and A look very nice. I have never laced anything other than back stitch or long arm cross stitch and have never heard of "sam and bertha". I too hope for your sake that you are a lot better for your trip - it will be more enjoyable if you are. Shall I send you some sunshine and heat from here?