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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Eyes Have It

Not a single stitch was taken yesterday in this house. That is very unusual. I didn't want to have to do reverse stitching today. I read instead. I only have 130 pages left in The Affair. I plan to read and stitch today.
Theoretically, Joe is going to show up today to finish tiling the pantry and grout some of the floor. Yeah! That would be wonderful to see that we are almost done. Joe is doing some trim pieces too so he won't finish today. He'll have to come back next week to grout what he tiles today. Luckily, he hooked up the stove so we can cook. It was so warm yesterday that DH grilled his fish. What strange January weather!
I've been thinking of making a WIP list - more like a UFO list - and then try to finish off some projects. That darn afghan is so close to being finished and yet I have no motivation to get it done. I got Chatelaine's dragonfly box a year ago Christmas. I'm working on side number three. Well, actually, I was working on side number three when I put it down many months ago. Of course there are many more things to list but those are the main two that I would like to get out of the way. I'd much rather start new stuff though.
The Stitching Tour of the Sewing Room's Unfinished Drawer includes three things done on canvas, a needlepoint kit of a stain-glass tulip, a free design I got off the interest done in pearl cotton and a Stitch 'n Zip coin purse. I love those Stitch'n Zip kits. They are easy and fun. Then I stitched a doll's face from a Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazine many years ago. It hasn't gotten made up into a doll - yet.
It's a nice day outside. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Hopefully you will see less of Joe after this week?? UFOs and WIPs can be quite a burden can't they. All the best with the Dragonfly Box and the Afghan - I'm cheering you on.