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Sunday, July 31, 2011


I love getting things in the mail. Yesterday I was doubly delighted as I received my Hand-Dyed Fibers order and a gift from my friend DW.
DW sent me a little bird charm for my Glastonbury Garden. I think it looks very sweet and finishes it off very well. Thanks DW!
I was very surprised at my order from Hand-Dyed Fibers. I didn't remember how many threads came in the monthly offering of variegated threads. So were the purple threads an added bonus? Why did I get two of them? I don't know. Then I was surprised at the spools. I thought they all would come like the purple threads hanging from the little white things. When I looked closely at the threads, I thought, oh no, I ordered pearl cottons. Then I looked on the website and saw that there is a choice between premium and regular weight silk floss and that premium is thicker. Only one strand is needed for 28 to 32 count over 2. I loved getting a variety of colors. I want to try them out. One of the spools is bigger than the other ones. An added bonus? I want to try them out and see how they stitch up.
If I work diligently today, I can finish the background of Hare Pyns. I finished going around red bird twice. Is it done? I guess. I stitched the other strip for the wheelbarrow. Still putting it together. S l o w l y.

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