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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Work on New Things

I am looking forward to working on something different. I used to work serially, that is, just one thing at a time. In my blog reading I discovered rotation stitching. I found that I needed a break from working serially every once in a while. So for a while I stitched in rotation. The last two projects I have been concentrating on just that one project. I am trying to decide what I prefer. There is a danger when you are away from a project for a while, you forget the details and misplace parts. Where are those black buttons for that project I stitched six months ago? That was a question I was asking myself yesterday as I looked at the (finally) stained bucket for the Queen Bee project. BTW, I have decided that my stained and waxed boxes look good but need one more coat of wax to give them a bit more shine.

I am going to order the new kitchen countertop this afternoon. That is big progress. I was shocked to find out that it has been 18 months since I was looking for kitchen flooring. I called Joe the remodeler guy who we want to put in the tile floor. That is progress too. The ball is rolling and we need keep up with it! This isn't my dream kitchen but it is a nice upgrade.

On the stitching front, Glastonbury Garden is just one seam from being completely finished.

The mailman brought me Hare Pyns kit yesterday! The designer recommends doing the scissors fob first. I can't wait to start.

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