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Friday, July 22, 2011

Background Check

I stitched the diamond shaped pin keep that goes on the inside cover. It has a tent stitch background that I am still working on. I tried some rows of the twill stitch background on the inside cover. I have just a quarter inch done of the upright gobelin stitched background on the cover. So essentially, I have three backgrounds to work on Hare Pyns before this baby is done. I also have the background of the red bird to do. I need a diversion. An interesting interlude to amuse me. I guess I should go back to the wheelbarrow. How about some sweet small project? That would be a nice change.
There are three little boys playing outside my window. The teacher in me wants to go tell them to put the sticks down. Old habits die hard.
It is a bit cooler today with a chance of thunderstorms. I was very nervous yesterday as the electricity blinked out a couple of times - just enough to screw up the clocks. I bet our electrical grid was stressed.
I didn't get the mentoring bag cleaned out so it is still on my list - with a few other things.

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