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Saturday, July 16, 2011


My last name has always started with "W". So I am usually at the end of the list. So when given the opportunity to stitch my initial I always choose my first name. I am particularly fond of my first name and it starts with an "A". "A" is first on the list, it is the best grade, it is the top of the heap. When it came time to put my initial on the red bird, I put in a lovely "A". Now all the red part is stitched and I can start on the background. I discovered a mistake in the background I had already put in and had to take it out. Whoa is it hard to frog on gauze! I was afraid I would tear it somehow and the whole thing would be ruined. But luckily, it came out okay. Slowly but okay.
I also worked on Hare Pyns. I am half way through the bargello. The front design (not counting the background) is half done. Yesterday I said they were nearly half done. I'm afraid it is going to be slow going and not very exciting pictures to show. I wanted to put in a few stitches in the wheelbarrow but I had to find all the parts and ended up playing with another kit that I want to finish today. It looks quick to put together and there isn't cross stitch involved but it does involve a bunny. I'll show it tomorrow.
We are getting ready for a very hot week here. I can take hot when I have electricity. I don't need much from the Farmer's Market today. I'd like some snap peas if they are still around. The sour cherries I got last week died without electricity to chill or freeze them or make them into cherry crisp.
Women's soccer semi-final is on this morning. I know, it doesn't sound very exciting but I am not fond of cartoons. The tree that took out the electricity on Monday is all gone. People came by and took care of it entirely yesterday.

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