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Friday, July 1, 2011

What can I finish?

July! How can it be July?? Time runs by me when I'm not looking. I put ultrasuede on the back of the Violets along with a pin back and called it done. I also made the little pocket for Garden of Roses. I tried following the directions and it turned out backwards. So either I didn't read it right or the directions were incorrect. ( Put wrong sides together, really?) I like to think it was incorrect directions. After taking it apart twice, it finally came out right. I need to make some twisted cord to go around the edge and a tassel. So then, what project do I go back to? I should finish Glastonbury Garden. The Wheelbarrow is tempting me too.

I signed up for two more classes, Hare Pyns and Lucet. I don't know yet if I got into them but it is looking good as the program director requested a kit from the designer for me. I just have to figure out the traveling part - but I don't have to worry about that until October. There is pre-stitching for them so I want to be ready for the kits. I am a lucky duck.

I need to get busy playing.

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