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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello Sunshine

I was reminded this morning how nice it is to wake up to sunshine. The winter here is dark and overcast most of the time. So when it is nice, you have to appreciate it.
I've had a busy day already. I went to aerobics then to mail my check for a class at the guild I just joined called "Harvest Moon Box". Then I went to Home Depot to see how close I can come to getting a granite look for my kitchen counter with laminate. I was pleasantly surprised at how close I can get. Makes me want to get busy painting as that is what comes before everything else. While I was at Home Depot (and the actual reason I went there) I looked for a finishing treatment for the boxes I stained. I saw Tung Oil and a finishing paste wax. But they came in big containers and cost $18. I have some wax at home that I put on my oak kitchen table. So I thought I would try what I already have and see how that turns out. When I got home I put it on the boxes and am letting it soak in. Later I'll see if I need to buff it or apply more or go get the tung oil after all.

I finished stitching the last flower pocket. The chart for this pocket was pathetic, unreadable and incomplete. I made up all of the flowers since there are no diagrams of how the designer stitched her flowers. There are a few mistakes but I don't intend on fixing them. That sounds harsh or lazy. Some of the flowers I stitched and tore out three times already and I am d-o-n-e. I don't think they are noticeable and are just one linen thread off. Now all the stitching is done and all I have to do it is put it together. Easier said than done probably. I will deserve a medal when this thing is finished. I am stitching the flower pocket on and then I will tackle the dimensional pockets. Then last of all, stitching the cover to the inside. The designer attaches the outside ribbon with - wait for it - double stick tape. Are you kidding?!? I will certainly change that.
Enjoy the day! I am waiting for the mailman to bring me my Hare Pyns kit.

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