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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Under Construction

I am putting together my wheelbarrow. I realized that I have two small things yet to stitch. Strips to hold a thimble and one to hold the strawberry emery. I cut everything out and pressed it. The paper templates seem to fit okay. So I cut the timtex shapes. I am in the process of lacing the the linen to the timtex. I must have cut the crinoline wrong as I need just a bit more for the sides. So I bought some buckram. That is the closest I could find to the crinoline.
I finished the background to red bird. I think I should do two more rows just outside the border as that is what is shown in the picture on the front of the pattern.
My Hand-Dyed Fibers are winging their way to me - finally. They could be here today if I am lucky.
I took everything off three of the walls in my kitchen. It looks so sad without my personality stuck all over the walls. I have to take out the nails today. DH says we have to wash and paint before the countertop is put in. I am realizing how much crap I have on the counters. I have collected a lot of junk over the past 33 years. The bellpull which was one of my first cross stitch projects was made in like 1983. I got a blue ribbon for it from the library show. Maybe it should be retired.

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  1. Hi Amy!
    I like the bell pull -- it goes with your beautiful dishes.