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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Two leaves

I finished the inside cover. There is a diamond shaped pyn keep that I haven't stitched yet that will go between the two flowers. I got the last front cover flower stitched and now am working on the last two leaves. I still have the initials to put in. I'm close to being done! I goofed up the little leaf and had to take it out last night but now it is in the right place. It sure is easy to get lost in those leaves. I might just thread up needles in the four different colors and work my way up the leaf. Maybe that will make it easier to figure out where I am. I also have some colored tape that may help too. As I look at it, I see that I have some more stitches to do between the zigzags on the inside cover. I've done really well for two weeks work.
We went out to eat last night as did half of the city! If you judge by restaurant business, the economy is doing just fine.
It is really hot here today. We are so fortunate to have air conditioning. There was no teacher for aerobics this morning so I didn't go, I just slept in. It was great. I should make a list of things to accomplish today. Maybe I'll clean out the mentoring bag.

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