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Saturday, July 30, 2011


July flew by so fast. I am going to see if I can finish Hare Pyns between today and tomorrow. I worked hard on the background and did get to the halfway point yesterday. But I am itching to start something new. I still want to do two rows around the red bird. I took some messy looking stitches out. But it shouldn't take too long to go around it twice, should it? I didn't get much done on the wheelbarrow. I have a small strip to stitch. More pieces are attached to each other. I would really like to whip the sides on but I can't do that until I get these little strips sewn on first. I am a little afraid of putting together the wheel. I didn't try the ultrasuede button. I kept thinking of an easy way out, like a real button that looks like a rose.
I enjoy going to the Farmer's Market on Saturdays. It is always fun to see what they have. After pilates, I stopped by the best place to get asiago bagels, Panera. Yum.
My Hand-Dyed Fibers made it to Indianapolis yesterday. Maybe they will make it to my mailbox today.
Still waiting to hear about the countertop. DH has done some more work taking out the old countertop. Three quarters of it is just balanced in place. I have been watching HGTV and have more ideas for the kitchen. How about a mirror above the sink? How about crown molding around the bulkheads?
I better get busy if I am going to get anything done.

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