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Monday, July 18, 2011

Inch by Inch

Stitching goes slowly sometimes. I wanted to finish the bargello on the Hare Pyns back cover as I had twelve rows to go. Alas, the best laid plans go by the wayside. I only got five rows done. Seven still to go. But I finished the middle flower on the front. I also put some stitches in the red bird background. I'm hoping it won't look messy when I get done. I am not sure how to finish-finish it. Frame it? Make it a pin? Mount it on a box? I'm waiting for inspiration.
I even found the parts to stitch a bit on the wheelbarrow. It was interesting to do some actual cross stitch as opposed to tent stitch over one. It looks so big.
I called the insurance company this morning about the two-story tall branch leaning against our house. Somebody is going to come look at it. They will probably say "Sorry Charlie, it's your problem". But it doesn't hurt to check.
My BFF is going to the Ohio classes! Yeah! It will be great to see her there. I'll know somebody.
The bathrooms are clean and I am going on a great fun adventure - to Target! Be still my heart.

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