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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Now I am happy with my Hare Pyns scissors sheath. I took it all apart. I stitched a second side and then sewed it all together again. I blocked it just a bit and now it looks good. I also put the little scissors fob together. There are two stitches I wish I could take out in the scissors fob. Just two! One is a background stitch that should not be there. The other one is when I was stitching it together, I got over one thread too far on one stitch. I don't think I can take them out without making a mess of it. So maybe I will stitch it again. Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to mess with it a little and see what happens.
I am excited to stitch the needle cover. It is so cute and I am almost to a tulip.
I am feeling much more comfortable stitching over one. There are projects that I have abandoned in part because the over-one stitching was too much. I bet if I went back to them now, they wouldn't seem difficult at all.
I have made good progress on the red bird. It is interesting to note how the background stitches change the design. I was afraid I was too messy and uneven but it is shaping up pretty well.
I'm off to stitch and watch the women's soccer team play Brazil.

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