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Friday, July 15, 2011


So I've made it to Friday - again. I love electricity. It makes many things possible. May I never take it for granted.
The counter top design is decided (no ogee on the backsplash) and I have been looking for a kitchen sink.
I worked on Hare Pyns yesterday. I have had the kit for approximately 8 days and feel like I have made very good progress. The Hare Pyns stitcher's pocket has three parts: front, back, inside cover. The back is all bargello which is really easy and goes pretty fast. I am almost half done with it. The front is very delicate over one. The flowers use an encroaching gobelin stitch which I am getting more used to. The real challenge will be the background which is all stitched in upright gobelin. But having seen the finished product in Georgia, I know it is beautiful. I have nearly half of the over-one design stitched. I took a break and put in a few stitches in the red bird.

The sewing room is a wreck. I need to pick a spot each day and clean it up - for about a month. I like having lots of things at my fingertips but it gets to a point of not being able to find anything because there is too much stuff.
I'm making homemade pizza tonight. Yum.

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