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Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am very much enjoying working on Hare Pyns. My friend DW suggested stitching another side for the scissors sheath and trimming the felt closer. I'm going to follow her recommendations. I stitched the sweet little scissors fob yesterday. It is really good to practice the background stitches and feel comfortable with them before tackling the bigger project.

I made all the twisted cording yesterday for tying on the pockets of the Queen Bee bucket. I am very happy to finish this as I went to this class last October. About time! I like how buttons are used on both sides of the pocket tie-ons. One side is a black button and the other side is a Mother-of-Pearl heart-shaped button.

I am looking for a sweet little charm to put on the ribbon of Glastonbury Garden. The designer shows one on hers and it looks neat. I found a small silver heart but what I really want is a tiny dragonfly or bee or ladybug.

I skipped pilates today and just went to the Farmer's Market. Bad girl!

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