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Friday, July 8, 2011


I just had to read through my Hare Pyns pattern. I couldn't help myself, I got started on the scissors keep. It was a fun afternoon stitching it. The silk threads feel so smooth and they lay nicely. I finished it off by stitching it to felt. The back is messier that I like so the plan is to either redo it or make some twisted cord to cover the back seam. I think I'll try the twisted cording and if that doesn't do it for me, I'll just restitch it more carefully or on the machine. I stitched it together last night when I was kind of tired. I get sloppy late at night. The stitches on the scissors keep are needlepoint ones that skew the design a bit. It is not so noticeable on such a small thing. But it does bug me a little. In the picture of the scissors keep on the pattern, the felt is cut much closer to the edge. I'm still deciding whether to trim it closer. I plan to do the scissors fob today. It looks like fun and a quick stitch. I love little challenging projects like this.

I am making the twisted cord to tie on the pockets to the Queen Bee bucket. I wish I know how to use my Lacis Cordmaker better. I may experiment with it a bit. I got a clue when I was in Georgia that a cup holder hook helps. Practice probably helps too.

It is a sunny warm day. I ordered the counter top yesterday. It will take a long time to get here as some company from GR has to come measure and then fabricate it. Four to six weeks. It will look really nice when it gets installed. Step One - counter top - check!

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