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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Biforcated Tree

I have been holding my breath for 3 days. We had a severe storm on Monday morning just as I was getting ready to post. The tree up the road split in two and the half that fell took out the electrical line and two poles along with it. Many people were without electricity and we had to wait our turn. I thought we would get taken care of quickly since we had wires laying on the ground. (No) Downed trees that were blocking two of the three ways to get out of here were moved on the first day.
DH and I are horribly spoiled. We can hardly function without power. All our entertainment involves electricity. I stitched as much as I could with limited light. We went to bed at 10 p.m.
We discussed buying a generator or going to a hotel. Generators were roaring all around us. There was the buzz of chain saws all day. We sweated. Then this afternoon, the trucks showed up. The cavalry came and saved us! Finally at 4:12 this afternoon, we have power. Wow. It is wonderful. This is the third major power outage this year. Enough already.

I almost forgot what I was showing you on this blog. Okay, so I just up and cut the offending threads on the Hare Pyns scissors fob. Now it looks perfect. Let's just hope no threads work themselves loose and rear their ugly heads. I stitched up the scissors cover and it is beautiful. I got started on the main stitcher's pocket. It is hard! Over one stitching with specialty stitches. It is going well but now that I have light I will have to look closely to see if I messed anything up in the last 3 days.

The guy came yesterday to measure for the new counter top. New issues to deal with. I want an ogee edge on the front. But I do not want an ogee edge on the back splash. They are going to call me and tell me how much more that will cost. Oh well at least I have electricity.

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