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Monday, August 1, 2011


How did it get to be August?? Time flies when you are having fun - and even if you're not.
Hurrah! Hurrah! I finished the background of Hare Pyns. I have to read the directions and see if there are other things besides blocking that need to be done. Do I need to attach the pin keep? Should I cut out the lining pieces?
I am putting together the wheelbarrow. I stitched and applied the strips to hold the strawberry and thimble. One of them flops around a bit so I may have to tack it down to the side as well. Now I can finally attach the sides so it starts to take the shape of a wheelbarrow. I realized that I forgot to stitch a bug on the bottom by the date. Not sure if I will go back and try and do that from the outside.
I think the red bird would look nice in a tiny frame. I bet Hobby Lobby might have something.
The bathrooms are clean so it is on to other things. I'm waiting on pins and needles LOL to hear about the countertop. I will have to buy a faucet this week.
Uncle Bob from the Blue Mountains in Australia sent us a CD of Australian country and western songs. I didn't know that they have yodeling in Australia but they do! It was fun to listen to.
I see a new start in my future.

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