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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There's Always Something

I am sooo close to finishing everything about the wheelbarrow. It is all put together but I have two things that still need to be done. I need to make the strawberry. I can't find a big enough piece of the lining so I may use a piece of something else. Then I still have that button to make or substitute for. There was a lot of hand stitching to put this guy together. I wrapped more wire than I needed to. Only one 18 inch wire is needed but there were two in the kit so I wrapped two then I turned to the next page of instructions to find that I only needed to do one. Duh. It was so hard to get that wire through the wheel I was about ready to give up then I tried making the hole larger with a knitting needle. That did the trick.
It is crazy town at my house this week. The countertop is being installed on Thursday so we are frantically getting ready. I got the faucet this morning. So many decisions to make. What finish do I want? Pull down sprayer? One handle or two? Soap dispenser? DH is making the biggest mess possible taking out the old countertop - in pieces. He tells me last night that I have to take everything out of the bottom cabinets. ARGH That's the worst part of remodeling - the mess. It is good to make myself get rid of years of junk that I never use though. I think we originally just wanted to get new flooring. How did we get to this point? No going back now.

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