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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Page Three

I made it to Page three of the English Tapestry Sewing Box chart. When I get that done, I'll be more than half way finished with this project. I think this project is based on a William Morris design called "artichoke". On this page I think I actually get to the "artichoke" part. Here is a picture of what the box looks like finished.
I made brownies yesterday as I had a hankering and a brownie mix - with walnuts. Yum.
I found the little yellow finch chart! It was hiding but I finally found it mixed in with a bunch of other charts. Now I have to pick out some linen for it. The pattern calls for 28 count but I think I will do it on 32. After doing a lot of over one on 32 count, over two on 28 count seems gargantuan.
It is nice to have an easy project to trade off with a hard one. I also found the lime chart. So I have two possibilities for new starts.
I am trying to finish watching Season 1 of In Treatment. Since there isn't much on TV, it is keeping me entertained - and contemplative.

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