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Sunday, August 7, 2011


I only worked on the Bride's Tree ornament yesterday trying to get it done. It is almost there but I have beads and backstitch to do as well a one floss to find. I must have 3740 somewhere. I used some of my Hand-Dyed Fibers on this. I like stitching with them. It looks very sweet but I don't know what I am going to do with it. Does it look Christmasy enough to be an ornament for the Christmas tree? I have 5 other ornaments patterns in this series so it could be made into something in combination with some of the other designs.
The English Tapestry Sewing Box has 6 pages of charts. That's a little intimidating. But the charts are large print and easy to read so hopefully I will go through them quickly.
I think we have a storm coming. Every time we have a storm, I am always afraid we will lose electricity. I am cooking cod tonight. My imitation of a McDonald's fish sandwich but much better.
I took a picture of my new sink and faucet. It is not fully tightened down as we have to take it out again when the correct counter top is installed. I really like it. The faucet pulls out and sprays if you want it to. I like not having two handles as it is easier to adjust the temperature of the water with the one handle. Our sink is two inches deeper than the old one. I like that too.
My goal for today is to finish off the Bride's Tree ornament and get that twirly vine done on the English Tapestry Sewing Box. I'm so lucky to be able to stitch.

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