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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Very Berry Thief

I only worked on Berry Thief yesterday. It was fun working out the border on the middle section. The pattern has nothing on this section, only edging. I wanted to spice it up a bit. So I used the vine and white flowers motif that I used on the front. I put a strawberry at the top and I like how it worked out. I am thinking of putting the bird at the bottom. I could put the word "scissors" but I like the idea of the bird better. This puppy is almost done. I hope to start putting it together today. There is a pocket for the other side that has a border. I will use the vine/white flowers again.
I got an email about what to take to the Hare Pyns class. That made me think about doing what I can now so that I don't have to wait to use a sewing machine or iron when I get there. So I ironed the divider section and now I need to put stiffener in it and stitch it closed. It has some ribbon on it too. I also folded the ribbon and ironed it so it will fit around the edge. The class is still a month away.
The hardest part of the English Tapestry Sewing Box is trying to stitch with DMC 932 on the blue fabric. They are the same color and nearly impossible to see. Is that why I am procrastinating?
My peach pie turned out fine. When I am in my sewing room, I can't hear the oven timer ding so luckily DH heard it and took it out of the oven. Otherwise, it would have been burnt to a crisp.
I haven't found the pattern to the afghan. Rats. It is not even on ebay. I know it is here somewhere. I'm still looking.
It is a nice quiet day for stitching.

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