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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I waiting for the guy to show up to install the counter tops. He was supposed to be here an hour ago. I have all this nervous energy just waiting. I even curled my hair. Everything is out of the cabinets, we are ready for him.
I searched for the Shepherd's Bush afghan pattern and pearl cotton some more. It is still MIA. But I found some more interesting things. At one time I did silk painting. I saw a really cute design and painted it on silk. I was going to make a wall hanging or quilt out of it. Well, it is still sitting in a pile in my closet. I couldn't throw it away. I am not sure I like how the colors turned out. Like watercolor, if you combine too many colors, you get the color of dirt. One of the cats looks like the color of dirt. Also, I think some of the colors are faded- that's how old this thing is. I have to think about this and figure out if it is worth doing something with.
The counter top guy just called to say he would be here in an hour. Just in time for lunch. Whatever.
I did get down to a bottom point on page 3 of the English Tapestry Sewing Box. I peeked at page 5. The last two pages of charts are much shorter. I may be able to finish this after all.
I didn't get very much stitching done yesterday. I rented "Jane Eyre" and watched it last night. It is kind of a moody film and you have to look at the characters faces and enjoy the gothic scenery so you can't really stitch and watch at the same time. I thought the movie was well done. But "Jane" should have been made just a bit prettier. A tiny bit of make-up would have been better. Also she should have smiled more that two times in the whole movie. Also Rochester could have been more charismatic. Otherwise it seemed very true to the book. Of course, there are things that are left out so it isn't a four hour movie. Over all, I give it a B.
I'm going to stitch until the counter top guy shows up. I could have gone to exercise class if I had known.

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