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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I picked up a little project that I had gotten when I was at Celebrations this year. It is Homespun Elegance's Neccessities. I bought the little matching scissors holder and pocket. They were a quick easy stitch - especially after doing some majorly challenging projects. I used some of my new Hand-Dyed Fibers to stitch them. I really like the threads. Coverage was great with one strand. I like the color variations. I used Burnished Gold (darker browns as in the stork scissors) and Country Road and the red is Brown Rust. It was fun. Then I picked up a project that I have had for a while from Drawn Thread: "A song in the heart is prophecy in part". It will be a quick stitch also. I have the thread pack for it. It is so nice not to have to go hunting for threads. I tried making the strawberry for the wheelbarrow but wasn't happy with the leaves. I'm not in the mood to mess with it today.
I skipped exercise class this morning to work on the kitchen. That's my excuse. In reality we had a storm at one a.m. and I slept in. I am emptying out the bottom cabinets and getting everything off the counters. What a job! We are taking out the sink today and turning off the water. That means we have to go out for dinner. I am trying to imagine how nice it will look when it is all done. Have to get back to work.

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