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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Change of Pace

I am sick of over one stitching and need a break! So I was looking for that little finch pattern. I didn't find it but I came across a bag with all my Round Robin kits from this year's Celebrations. Well, that will do. So I picked out the JBW one and started stitching with a red from my Hand-Dyed Fibers. Then I realized that I miscalculated and would be very close to the edge. But I continued anyway. Then I thought I would try the same pattern but in tent stitch over one with the same thread. It is interesting to see the same pattern done in two different ways. I'm not sure which one I like best. When I finished those, I dipped into the bag again and came up with a pincushion from By the Bay. I knew it was easy and quick to put together. I just have to glue the stem in the top and the pincushion to the block and it is done. I have the Barbara Jackson kit up next. I am a little hesitant because I hate Pearsall's silk floss. I may substitute the floss, although it is a tiny little needlebook and shouldn't be too bad.
I got a notification of a class that is next October. Not this October but October 2012. Kind of early to have to sign up. But I couldn't resist. It is a Marcia Brown Smith finishing class for a book box with matching smalls. Class is limited to 25 and you have only two weeks to sign up. I hope I get in.
I figured out what to bring to the picnic. My pasta salad made with bow tie pasta with red pepper, onion and Miracle Whip.

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