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Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday, Friday

I finished putting together the little Barbara Jackson pin cushion. It is sweet. I think it might look nice with some twisted cord around the edge.
I looked at three more of the round robin kits. They all have the same problem. I don't like the design. I wouldn't mind stitching them but they are ugly and I don't like pineapples. So on each one I have to change what I stitch on them. For now, I have put them aside. I worked a little on the English Tapestry Sewing Box. I was reminded that stitching over one is tedious. It is easy to get off a thread on a high count linen. I can only work on this a little at a time. My goal for today is to finish page 1 of the chart. I only have that naked vine to fill in with leaves and some miscellaneous parts at the edge of the chart before I can turn the page to chart number 2. So when I got irritated at this chart I started In the Sweet By and By. I am changing the colors, using some of my Hand-Dyed Fibers (again!) Over dyed floss gives a depth to the design as compared to a flat color. I still haven't found the little finch chart. Where on earth did that go?
There is no word on the counter top although the good news is that DH is getting busy painting the kitchen. He has a lot of the small spaces that must be done with a brush all finished. All the base board has been taken up. Pretty soon we will be able to do the floor. Yeah!

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