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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Field Trip

I am excited to be going on a field trip on Sunday. It will be my first meeting as a member of the Kindred Spirit Sampler Guild. It is a picnic. (I have to think of a dish to pass) We are also going to be making a wool felt scissor fob. (I ordered the strawberry kit) I am going to meet up and ride with several other women and my friend Sherri. It will be fun to meet some new people who like to stitch too. (What do I wear?)
I stitched on the English Tapestry Sewing Box. Stitching over one goes very slowly. But I finally got my leaf to match up. I am going to work on the vines on the edge and the big flower today. I want to have an easier project that I can switch up with. I got all the threads for a little yellow finch design. I just have to find it.... I want to stitch In the Sweet By and By but I have to scrounge up some fabric first.
I washed one wall of the kitchen yesterday which led to washing the curtains and the windows. We thought of changing the window treatments but that is a problem for another day. DH painted a small part above the sink. Progress! Now I have to wash another wall. I was finally able to contact the guy we want to tile the backsplash. Yes! I was telling DH that maybe I could do it but he said absolutely not. I'm crafty, why not? I just wish I had a nifty something to add to the very regular unexciting tan tile. But that always doubles the cost.

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