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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Show

When I was growing up, the "show" was a movie at the Clintonia Theater. Ma and Pa Kettle on Saturday afternoons. Uh-Oh, I am showing my age. The show today is a special request for more pictures of my wheelbarrow. I thought you would be sick of them by now. But Margaret requested it. So "Hi" to Margaret and here are all the views I could think of. It is a risk giving you so many views as you may notice a mistake here and there. I still haven't sewn on the button. I forgot to put the bug near the year on the bottom. I don't have the strawberry done. There are many sweet little quirks about this design. The bunny hiding under the needle page is a nice touch as is the grasshopper that is under where the pin cushion goes. The design is a bit delicate as the wire will bend with pressure. I've been fascinated with this design ever since I first saw it so I feel very fortunate to have a chance to make it.
I worked on the English Tapestry Sewing Box yesterday. It is very slow going but I like how delicate it looks. I started a Brooke's Books Bride's Tree ornament of a bird in a nest. It is very cute and only 4 inches square so it shouldn't take too long. I show you my progress tomorrow.
I enjoyed going to the Farmer's Market. I got some interesting things like purple potatoes and fingerling potatoes. I was looking for peaches but the guy from a fruit farm said that Red Havens come ripe this week so I'll get some of those next week. I found a nice bunch of flowers. The lilies I bought last week are beautiful but have a strong scent that I could do without. Still too hot for the Cupcake lady to have cupcakes. She has other yummy things for sale. We wish the sugar snap peas were still around. There is a guy that sharpens tools and it is very handy to drop of mower blades etc., shop, and come back and pick them up.
Well, I have wasted half the day already so I need to get busy.


  1. Why thank you very much for granting my request. That little wheelbarrow is fantastic - well done!