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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September First

I can't believe it is September. Exciting things are happening in September. In two weeks we visit son#2 in California. I have a Kindred Spirits Sampler Guild meeting on 9/11. I want to go. Then on the 30th I go to Ohio for Hare Pyns class and Lucet class where I will ride with a friend (who is the teacher!) and see my BFF. Yea! And Son#1 has a birthday on the 28th.
I am thinking about going to the tile store and getting some samples. I was waiting for them to call me to let me know that a sample I wanted was in, but I am getting antsy to see how some of the accent tiles look in my kitchen.
I finished stitching Berry Thief yesterday and ironed and interfaced and am ready to start putting it together. I have read through the directions which are as clear as mud. Never use indefinite pronouns in directions. "It" and "that" can be very confusing. There are a few pictures which I hope will help me along the way. This kit was missing a chart for the scrimshaw pocket and there were a few mistakes in the directions so I am a little nervous. I have to even up the needle page. It is a bit skew-whiff. Do I need to add a strawberry to the 28?
I finally got down to the bottom (end) of the English Tapestry Sewing Box. There is still quite a lot of stitching to do. I was thinking that if I worked on it for an hour a day, it wouldn't be too overwhelming and I would make good progress. How much can I get done in an hour? I'll have to try it out.
Homemade pizza tonight.

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  1. Both of these are looking wonderful. Stitching over one is very hard on both patience and eyes isn't it?!