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Sunday, September 4, 2011

To the Left

I did it! I finished the entire left side of the English Tapestry Sewing Box. Now I have to go back and do charts 4 and 6. I guess my goal for the day is a big fat leaf and some vines. I needed a break from the over-one stitching so I picked up the companion piece to Berry Thief. I looked at the directions again and discovered that the front is way prettier than I thought. I said to myself "Why would a designer put a dead tree on the front, that's not very attractive". When I took out all the instructions, I realized I had been looking at the design for the back. The front design is a lovely bird. I also discovered that it holds a bag for storing buttons. I started stitching on it. I also started adding my own bit of design. Those little white flowers are going to be on the border along with little red strawberries. I think this will stitch up very quickly as it is just a small front and back design. The bird is over one but I don't think it will be difficult.
I got the Hand-Dyed Fibers floss I ordered in the mail yesterday. They came on spools which I like. The colors are great. It is fun to get an assortment every month.
I gave in, I caved. I was really trying to be good and not buy anything. But when I saw the new Drawn Thread designs, I ordered them. Not all of them, I have a little bit of self control. I knew I really wanted the Holly and Ivy ornament. The December calendar cover was so cute with the little snowman. Then there was this beautiful French (I think) design that I just couldn't resist.
DH said I could get the expensive accent tile! Now I feel guilty for wanting to spend that much money on the accent tile. I should be happy with less. But that's the tile I really want. With my luck, it will be discontinued and no longer available. We'll see what happens when I take the samples back out to the tile store on Tuesday.

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