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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Plugging Away

I was proud of myself for sticking with the English Tapestry Sewing Box. I really wanted to stitch on something else. I have been eyeing the Big Project. I just want to just put in one square inch on it. It is sitting on the floor at my feet and I have been wanting to pick it up as it must feel very neglected. I got all four flowers stitched yesterday as well as leaves on a couple of vines. So I made good progress. I have that ugly pronged thing in the middle to stitch on. That's what I thought I would work on today. Boy, if I could finish chart page 4, I would be very close to finishing. One of my goals today is to totally finish stitching the front of the Berry Thief companion piece. I just have little white flowers and a couple of letters to go. I can have that done by lunch.
A week from tomorrow we go to California. I should think about what I need to take and what I need to do before we go. It isn't a long trip. Just from Thursday night till Monday night.
Halloween stuff is appearing in stores. I bought some peanut butter kisses today. Yum. I probably have enough candy on hand to get me through Halloween. It is my weakness. That's why I'm not skinny.

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