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Friday, September 30, 2011

Trying Something New

I am almost ready to go on my Road Trip. I skipped exercise this morning so I could get everything taken care of. I'm excited!
I sewed all the blocks of the baby quilt together yesterday. (I need to iron it!) I like how it looks. Now what? I have to get some filler like quilt batting or Warm'n Natural stuff. I have enough fabric to back it and put on borders. But I have never quilted a quilt on my sewing machine before. I usually just tie it with yarn the easy way. So I thought I would just try a sample and see how it went. I have been watching those sewing shows on PBS and wanted to just try it. So I got out a quilting foot, the one that has the circle on the end and I put the feed dogs down and tried quilting a heart. Well, it was very slippery and the curves were a little wild.(center heart in the photo) So then I tried my walking foot, somebody on one of the shows said something about using a walking foot so since I have one, I thought I would try it. It was very slow and hard to maneuver around the curve.(right heart in the photo) So then I thought how about seeing what would happen if I use the quilting foot but with the feed dogs up. That turned out the best. Most control over the shape. It still is a little slippery but doesn't look too bad. I tried some free motion quilting this way too. Not too bad. (left heart in the picture) It will be way harder to sew a big quilt but I think I will try.
I finished the heart on the afghan and started a small motif in the square beside it.
I have a bunch of stuff kitted up to take with me to the classes. I don't know if I will have time but I have something if I need it.
Time for fun!

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  1. Hi Amy - I am so excited to be here on your blog! I will have to go back and look through all your posts, but I have a feeling that it may take a few weeks to catch up... LOL
    It was wonderful to meet you and Kathy this weekend. You are both such sweethearts - I am thrilled that we will be able to keep in touch here in blog-land.

    Your quilt is so sweet and I love your quilted afghan. What a challenge that must be - I can only imagine how hard the afghan material must be to stitch on.

    Take care and Happy Stitching!