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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Bird in Hand

The English Tapestry Sewing Box is so slow to work on. It doesn't even look like I did any stitching on it since yesterday. But I did. I got to the point where I could work on all four flowers at the same time but only just got started on the flowers. So my goal today is to finish the flowers and hopefully some of the leaves on the vine. The leaves actually go pretty fast. I finished the bird on the Berry Thief button bag. I like how he turned out. I decided to change the words a bit. Instead of "Buttons, bits & Berries", it is going to say "Buttons & Berries".
I took the tile samples back to the store and ended up taking the ones I want to order home again. I found out that the accent tile I want is available. It is a special order and will take two weeks, but I can get it. Yeah! But they want our contractor to tell them how much to order. So the next step is to get Joe, our contractor, to come over and see what we want to do. I have already called him and left a message but I'll call again. This whole kitchen thing is a slow process. We still haven't gotten to the floors yet.

It is much cooler today. What a change from having several 90 degree days to waking up to 45 degrees. Hey, it is half as warm. I'm so glad to be back to regular days doing regular things.

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