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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I wish I could imagine what something will look like before it is done. I went to two fabric stores yesterday looking for baby quilt material. I didn't quite find what I was looking for. It looks like the popular material for baby quilts is The Cat in the Hat prints. I bought some material - enough to make two quilts. But I'm not sure it will turn out like I want. So I went digging in my material stash (not to be confused with my stitching stash). I found some other material that might do. I know on Divine Design, Candace chooses some object and brings in colors that go with whatever she chooses. But I haven't found that "thing" to be the design core of my quilt. I laid everything out on the living room floor to see what looks good. I have a mixture of soft colors and bright colors. I think I should stick to one or the other. My sister doesn't like the yellow stripe but I do. So it is still mulling around in my head. There is a sweet animal print that I may go back and get. It would fit in the bright materials group. I want the quilt to be identifiable as a girl quilt so I really need some pink in it. Maybe I have too many prints. Maybe I should do a block and see how it looks. Still thinking...
I finished stitching Das Fledermaus. The moon turned out fine. I haven't done the backstitching around the edge. I also haven't done the back. I am still thinking about that too.
I had a hankering to work on The Big Project. I just wanted to put in 100 stitches which is one square on the chart. I made some little progress. Sometimes I am just in the mood for this project even though it is going to take years. It has twenty five pages of charts. Am I crazy? Don't answer that.

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  1. I don't do quilting so am amazed at the process involved in choosing fabrics. All the best.
    What is The Big Project - do you have a photo?