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Friday, September 23, 2011

Trip: Day Three

Now it is Saturday.
First we went to the bakery where DIL works. She decorates cakes. Of course we had to try some of the goodies. I got some cupcakes, cookies and a fancy dessert. Then we went to their house where DH planted the geraniums we bought. Then we went to the Computer History Museum. I wasn't sure I wanted to go but I'm glad I did. It was more interesting than I expected. I liked the special presentations that they had. One was demonstrating Babbage's machine. An old guy (graduated in Physics from the U of Chicago, he was probably famous) explained it all. He was entertaining. The top edge of his underpants ended about 8 inches above his belt. DH saw a book in an exhibit that he used in college. We saw the machines and computer cards like we used to work with at college. We felt ancient. Son#2 saw a Speak and Spell like he had as a kid. Then there was a talk by two old guys from MIT who invented "Space Wars", the first video game. They are docents at the museum. Then it was naptime again.
We went to a fancy area for dinner. The economy is doing just fine by all that we saw on this trip. We went to three eating places. Dinner was at Gordon Biersch. Then beer at a dive called the Rose and Crown. The walls were beat up, the floors were beat up, the tables were beat up and the seats were beat up. I didn't really want to touch anything. I guess the big attraction is the variety of beers they offer. It gets really crowded late in the evening. Then we went to a place that was more civilized for more beer (iced tea for me, thank you very much).
I decided to do the other mitten in the JBW leaflet. It was a much more open design. I used the same floss and fabric but did a cross stitch instead of a tent stitch. The design didn't look right with just tent stitches. It turned out cute too. I bought this leaflet after seeing a mitten on someone's blog. But I don't remember which one I saw. I'm going to do yellow bird next.
Tomorrow I'll tell you about Day Four.

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