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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trip: Day Two

We woke up early and had some time to kill as DIL had an anatomy scan scheduled for this morning. I decided to go to the Lace Museum. We found our way there but it wasn't open yet. I saw a Quilt store nearby so I looked round there for a while. It was fun. I bought some material for a baby dress and a "jelly roll" for a lap quilt while DH waited in the car. The Lace Museum opened. It is just one room in a strip mall. But I got a great tour from an older lady. It was very interesting but I had to go as son#2 and DIL called, DH was also waiting in the car. We got to see the latest scan of the new baby. She is going to be adorable. We think she has son#2''s nose, which is cute. DH wanted to stop and get some geraniums to plant in their yard. Son#2 and DIL picked out the geraniums they liked and we went to see their house. It is a nice little duplex in an older neighborhood. They have a covered patio and a lemon tree in their small back yard. I was very impressed with son#2's garden. It is only about 12 inches deep by the sidewalk to their backyard. But he is growing tomatoes (cherry and beefsteak), squash, cucumbers, basil, mint, peppers, strawberries, beans.
Then we were off to see Google. It is such a cool place. On the way we saw one of those cars that drives itself. Google is way bigger than I imagined. Many many buildings. It was fun to see the Google bikes. They are painted bright colors and are available for people going across the Google campus. The people are all young and many are nerdy looking. Many different languages can be heard. There is innovative stuff all over. We ate at the main cafeteria. The main cafeteria has many stations and you can get a big variety of stuff. The Friday special was the General Cho's(?) chicken. There is a big salad bar. There are lots of desserts and ice cream bars. I had a local specialty "It's It", I think it is called. It is an ice cream sandwich with oatmeal cookies dipped in chocolate. Yum. And yes, everything is free. You can take as much as you want. It is said that 110% of Google eats there every day. We passed coffee bars and soft serve ice cream machines scattered throughout the buildings. We couldn't go up to son#2's office. It's off limits. Security is really tight. I had fun getting all kinds of stuff at the Google store. I got a Cookie Monster Google shirt and some socks among a lot of other stuff. We took pictures with the android version sculptures and tried to find a big Google sign to take a picture with.
What a busy day - but we weren't done yet! We decided to go to the Winchester Mystery House. We took the tour which was very interesting. We walked more than a mile through the house and the tour was over an hour long. That lady was crazy. We walked the grounds. They are getting ready for a Halloween tour and there were bodies hanging from trees and other gruesome sights.
Time for a nap for all of us. We had a drink (I had iced tea) at a bar before we went to dinner at The Cantankerous Fish. We wanted to see if the bar was going to show the soccer game on Sunday morning (no). I don't remember what I had for dinner, but for dessert I got the gelato sampler. It had Kahlua, Cherry Almond and vanilla scoops. Yum. Whew, we were very pooped - again.
I finished one of the mittens from JBW designs. I used Dragon's Heart Hand-Dyed Fibers premium floss over one. I like how it turned out.
Tomorrow I'll tell you about Day Three.

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  1. Interesting hearing about the trip
    Look forward to the next installment