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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Off

This is just a "drive-by" posting as we are nearly ready to go. I chose some easy projects to take with me. My travel stitching is just simple stuff. I was embarrassed at the guild meeting to show what I was working on as it was so mundane - a Prairie Schooler ornament from last year's Just Cross Stitch Ornament issue. Once I lost a needle on a plane and I still feel guilty about that. So the projects I chose have only a few colors and are small. I have:
Forget me nots in Stitches Fledermaus Scissors Fob. (a bat)
La-D-Da's Yellow Bird that I want to stitch with Hand-Dyed Fibers. Somebody on their blog said this was boring so I hope stitching it in overdyed floss will make it more interesting.
JBW's Red mitten also with Hand-Dyed Fibers
I am finishing the Berry Thief companion. I made the twisted cording which turned out very well. I wish I could remember how Sherri Jones told me to sew on the twisted cord. I took out some of what I sewed on as it wasn't as neat as I wanted. Maybe I'll do better today.
I am also sewing together the Holly and Ivy Ornament. I think it would look nice with twisted cording as well. I don't like how the birds' beaks and legs don't show up very well even though I used the silk colors it called for. Whatever.
I have had many people wish me a good trip. Thanks so much for your good wishes.

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