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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Decision Time

Two things to decide today. I am going to choose the fabrics for the baby quilt. Which means I will have to pull junk out of the closet and make a big mess in my quest for baby fabric. The next thing I have to decide is whether to Spring Fling or not. I need to sign up ASAP if I want to go to a stitching retreat next April with Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler fame. It sounds like fun and I want to go. The problems are: It is two weeks before Celebrations which I will probably go to and it costs money. Actually anything you sign up for costs money. But when will I ever get a chance to have a class with Thea Dueck? She lives in Canada.
I have been teasing you by not showing my Big Project. Finally, a picture of what I am occasionally working on: Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose. It is a painting by John Singer Sargent. It will be pretty big when it is done. It is also solid stitching. Most of the stitches are done blending floss colors. So far it looks nice (not like my 7000 stitches where you can't even tell what it is). I don't have very much done, just the upper left corner.
I found it!!! The chart I have been looking for is called Wandering Vine by Shepherd's Bush. I thought, "I haven't checked my table (that is right beside me as I stitch) for that chart". So I dug under a pile of floss and Voila! There is was! I couldn't believe it. The chart was within arm's reach all the time. Good Grief. Now where is that pearl cotton? With a look through two of my thread drawers, I found it in a ziplock bag. Perfect. Now I can finish it. I worked on it last night and finished the house square. The verse square comes next but I don't like the verse so I may leave it blank for the baby's name and birth date.
We have a rainy day again today. But I don't care, I'm busy making stuff.

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