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Friday, September 2, 2011

Busy Friday

Whoa, what a busy day already! I went to exercise class and when I came home I went to the grocery store with DH to say good-bye to our favorite fish guy. He and his family are moving to the other side of the state. Come to think of it, we see him more than we see relatives or friends. We took a picture of him and DH. We will miss seeing him twice a week. Good luck Chris!

Then I went out to the tile store as the samples I wanted to see were in. I brought home some samples to choose from. DH likes the idea of inexpensive little (1/2 inch) glass tiles as an accent. I still like the most expensive accent tile (3rd picture from the top). That's how it always goes. But we can look closely at them in the kitchen to see what would look best. It is good to discuss and work out what is good, bad and ugly. I'll have to think of a bargaining deal to be able to get the tile accent I want. Maybe if we get less expensive tile for the floor, I can get the pricey accent.
I also stopped at Hobby Lobby to get a teeny mat for my gauze stitching, Red Bird. It looks nice (and not messy!) all framed with a mat. The colors in the picture aren't very true to real life.
I worked all day yesterday finishing the Berry Thief. I confess that I didn't follow the directions. I knew what pieces needed to be attached and where. There was a lot of hand sewing involved. I am happy with how it turned out. I just have a few more beads on the pocket and it is done-done. I'm not sure how it is supposed to be folded. Accordian style? or the needle page in the inside? I guess that anyway I want is okay. I want to tack down the 26 and 28 pieces as they are starting to curl.

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  1. Oh yes! The expensive ones, definitely. Here's hoping that DH will see thinsg your way.

    Love the needlecase.