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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trip: Day Five

So on Monday morning we went to the airport and turned in our rental car. That strange robotic object is in the San Jose airport just before you go through security. We went to our gate to catch the flight. There was the cutest oriental baby sitting on a blanket on the floor, playing on an ipad. He couldn't have been much more than a year old but knew what buttons to touch. It was too cute. The only word he said was "uh-oh". Just as our plane was backing out, it jerked to a stop. Uh-oh. We pulled off the runway and mechanics were working on the plane. After a while we went back to the gate. After another while (hour at least) they let us get off the plane. Parts were needed for the plane and a new crew. They were being driven down from San Francisco which is an hour away. The delay grew from 2 hours to four hours to six hours. We didn't know whether to wait for the plane to be fixed or to rebook. The line of people waiting to rebook was very long and very slow moving. We knew we couldn't make our connection back in Minneapolis. To complicate things, there were no hotels available in Minneapolis. If the plane really did leave after the six hour delay, we would get to a place with no available hotels at 1:30 a.m. So we ended up staying at a hotel in San Jose for the night and taking the 6:30 a.m. flight to Minneapolis. That hotel made us appreciate the Hilton Garden Inn. So after a 4:30 a.m. wake up call, we got to the airport and made the uneventful flights home getting in at 3 in the afternoon a day later than we expected.

Things we learned in California:
There are too many people in California.
The economy in the San Jose area is more than fine.
It is not good when a plane jerks.
Going out to eat can get old (and expensive).
The weather is wonderful.
Google is the coolest place ever with the smartest people ever.
Three time zones away is hard to adjust to.
Home is the best place.

DH and I are very glad to be home and back to our regular schedule. It was great to see son#2 and DIL. We will go back out there after the baby is born.
On the way home I worked on Das Fledermaus. It is over one on a light purple material. I didn't put the eyes in because the symbol on the chart for the eyes looks very much like the symbol for the body. I'll go back and just work them over the stitch that is already there. The eyes are a sinister green. I don't have exactly the right thread for the moon. It is supposed to be blending filament but I only had that color in #4 Krenik braid. I'll have to see how it looks, if it shows up enough.
After getting back this week I have been working on finishing up some projects and starting a dress and a quilt. I'll show you my finishing tomorrow.

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  1. Welcome Home. It has been fun following your travels.