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Thursday, September 29, 2011


I picked the fabrics for the baby quilt. I dug out all the possible fabrics from my sewing room closet and laid them on the living room floor for a viewing. Then I separated them into muted and bright. I knew I would choose muted - I always do. I picked out the fabrics I liked. I tried to get a theme going. The theme seemed to be pink and yellow and striped. So I narrowed it down to 6 fabrics and started cutting. Ironically, all the fabrics I selected were from my stash. I followed the pattern more closely this time so I wouldn't mess it up like last time. Then I ironed and sewed and cut blocks. I only need 20 (four rows of five). So now I have all the blocks sewn. Now I can lay them out in a pleasing arrangement with the help of the pattern and start sewing the blocks into rows. That's a lot of progress for one day. I know I am going to like this quilt better. It definitely looks like a baby quilt.
I worked on the heart square on the afghan. I messed up and got one stitch too low on part of it so I'm having to take it out and restitch it. ARGH. I can finish that square up today. The little flowers will make this square really sweet.
I'm going on a road trip tomorrow! I am getting excited. I should pack today. I'm going to a Lucet class in Dayton on Saturday and Hare Pyns class in Cincinnati on Sunday. I will see my BFF and a few people from Celebrations. I am riding with the teacher so it will be great fun to talk to her. I'll tell you all about it on Monday.

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  1. Love the colours of your quilt.
    Have a great time on the road trip. I am sooooo jealous of those classes you are going to. Hearing of these opportunities through others blogs is bad for my "green eyed monster"!!! Safe travels