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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trip: Day Four

DH and I went over to son#2 and DIL's where the boys watched Man U play Chelsea and then football. DIL took me shopping! Yeah! That was our reward for going to the Computer History Museum. We went to a fancy mall near Stanford. It had beautiful flowers outside. I wanted to go to some stores I never get to go to. Sur La Table, Paper Source, Williams Sonoma, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus. Why do I like kitchen stores? I try to cook as little as possible. I guess it is like guys. They love having tools but not actually using them. I got some perfume and creme rinse from Neiman Marcus and a free bag with samples. Paper Source had a kit to make some cute paper flowers. We went to see the baby furniture in Pottery Barn Kids store. Oh so cute(and expensive!) I saw a darling quilt. I think I could make one like it. We also got some cupcakes from Kara's Cupcakes as DIL said they were the best. I got a dozen minis. No, I didn't eat them all. I got a selection for all four of us. Although I knew DH wouldn't eat any. They were very good. But now I am cupcaked out.
After a nap we went to dinner at Scratch again. I had the Shepherd's Pie and a regular rootbeer not the liquor kind. DH learned a lesson: be careful about telling a cook in California to use his judgement in how to cook the fish. His salmon came raw. So he sent it back and, long story short, we got free desserts. We said our goodbyes to DIL and son#2 as we were leaving the next day.
I stitched yellow bird. I started out going over two but it seemed crude and huge. So I took it out and did it tent stitch over one with Country Road premium floss from Hand-Dyed Fibers. It is nice and small. I don't know what I am going to make it into yet. I've got one more thing to stitch on the way home.

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