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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

I finished the Blue Ribbon Sewing Box and have set it aside until class in June. I'm hoping Sheri has a couple of co-ordinating kits to go with it or I won't have much more than gluing to do during the day long class. I did a few fly stitches over the strawberry's leaves. They look much better. I didn't do them all so I could have something to do during class. I was rooting around for something to work on or kit up. I came across a kit I bought on ebay that looked cute. It is a thimble holder shaped like a shoe. I decided to try it since all the stuff was in the kit to do it. I didn't have to go looking for stuff. It wasn't easy to finish. I hadn't made the picot stitches (leaves) before so I learned something. I put twisted cord around the edge as it made the edge look more even and finished. I should go back and work on the other box I was working on before the pre-stitching came in the mail. I almost forget what threads I was using. I should write this info down somewhere.
I am almost too excited to stitch. With Celebrations coming up in just a few days, I need to get ready. Make lists. Pack. Lose 30 pounds. Etc.

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