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Saturday, April 9, 2011


I got the BRSB pocket stitched. I love it. I threaded the ribbon through it and it is beautiful. I am contemplating cutting it out, interfacing it and stitching it together. I have one more pocket to do and I started the backstitching around it. I am thinking of doing the hemstitching with like 642 #12 pearl cotton instead of the medium brown silk floss. I think it would look neater. Then I started the long armed border stitch for the needlebook.
I went back and finished sewing on the bias edging on the Tea Time Basket. I put a few stitches into the second band. Maybe it would be good to set a goal of finishing the center section this weekend. I need to read the directions for stitching the basket lining. I have figured in my head how I could do it, but it never hurts to see how BJ says to do it.
It is supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow. Wow, that will feel hot!
Life is good.

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  1. Wow Amy! You are really moving fast on these projects and your stitching is just beautiful!