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Friday, April 8, 2011


I was tickled pink when the mail came yesterday and the prestitching for the Blue Ribbon Sewing Box arrived. Yeah! I can get started. I dropped the Tea Time Basket like a hot potato and started on the BRSB. I am trying to do this perfectly. The first part is one of two pockets for the inside. The kit seems to included everything except the wooden box. I got about half done with the first pocket. It is cute! I am glad I was working on my other box as the leaves are very similar one-over-one. I am glad I have stitched a lot of Drawn Thread designs and have experience making jessica stitches. BRSB uses jessica stitches for the blue flowers but calls it the "overlap stitch". I am enjoying stitching this very much.
I went to the fabric store and got the doo-hickey I was looking for. In fact, I got two different sizes, 3/4 " and 1", just to make sure I had the right size proportionately. I decided on the 3/4" size and have about one third of it sewn on.
I made cherry chip cupcakes last night with yummy chocolate icing. I wanted to try something I had heard about watching Paula Deen. She mentioned to a guest cook that she also always uses buttermilk instead of water in cake mixes. So I wanted to try that. With the cherry chip, it tastes much less sweet but rich. I kinda like the regular way as I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas.
It's a rainy day but I don't care I have so much I want to stitch.

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