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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I stitched most of the BRSB needlebook yesterday. I wanted to get to the bird and see how that turned out. It is going very well. I'm not sure I am doing the stem stitch properly but it is looking okay. When I am done stitching it, I can cut it out and sew the two halves together. I really like it. I don't think I will have much trouble getting the BRSB done by June 9 when I go to the class.

For three years in a row, my mother has given us some sort of drink maker for Christmas. I have given one away, taken one to Goodwill, and this year's I tried to sell on ebay. When it didn't sell, I opened the box and actually tried it. DH saw it reviewed in Consumer Reports as a very good blender. So I tried the Ninja Master Prep (what a name). It works very well. It can pulverize ice cubes easily and quickly. I love frozen style drinks, so I have used this everyday since I opened and tried it. I should try something besides ice cubes. I may make some ham salad with it today. Ice cubes are good since I just rinse it out and don't have to actually wash it.

I changed a diaper. I haven't changed a diaper in a couple of decades. I worked in the church nursery today. One of the other ladies called my name and said "Cooper needs a change." She didn't want to do it and guess who got elected? It wasn't bad.

Spring Break is over and I will see Halona tomorrow. We will finish painting the birdhouse. I am wearing shorts for the first time this year! It's not pretty but it is comfortable.

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