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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweet Things

I love how the BRSB is turning out. I finished the first pocket and the needlebook yesterday. Darling! A designer has very good directions when your stitching turns out looking as good as hers. I am going to have to lay a book on the needlebook so that it doesn't hang open. But I like seeing the little gold needle, tiny circular button and the scalloped needle page. Scallop scissors were kind of expensive but I love how nice it looks. I first saw them used in a Jackie DuPlessis project and spent a while looking for them. Finally I had to order them. The scallop scissors designed for scrapbooking just aren't sharp enough to cut wool or felt nicely. There is also a cutter blade that is scalloped but good luck finding that in a store.
I worked a teeny bit on Tea Time Basket. I have only the two over-one ladies left to do in the center section. But I have to work under a magnifying glass to avoid mistakes. Taking out over-one stitching is a *itch. Excuse my French. I started the pin keep for the BRSB but I screwed up the bird and am taking part of it out.
My bathrooms are clean. Yea!
Gay Ann Rogers has a new design out in honor of the Royal Wedding. I would like to design my own using old Sajou patterns of flourishes and crowns. She has a great idea of using a "Diana Ring" at the end of a beaded scissors fob. Cute. I want to stop by Kohl's and see if they have a cheap knock off of a Diana Ring. There are a ton of them on ebay but I don't know what size my finger is in case I want to wear it.

These pictures don't show the real colors. The leaves are green. I just now realize that I forgot to put in the gold in the bird's beak. I'll have to go back and do that.

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  1. Very, Very pretty! Can you tell us where you found the scissors? I'd like to order a pair...